Ed Aschoff, President and CEO of Dansure Incorporated, was interviewed for the article, “District’s Goal Is to Build Safe,” featured on the Los Angeles Community College District (LACCD) BuildsGreen website. The article discusses the LACCD’s construction safety program spearheaded by Mr. Aschoff and the Dansure team, and the program’s successful implementation of precautionary measures for contractors working on nine college campuses resulting in no accidents. Consequently, the program has earned a 50 percent reduction in its insurance premiums over 5 years for a total cost savings of $27 million.  Mr. Aschoff explained, “We have a full-time safety professional at each campus who works with the contractors and lets them know when unsafe conditions are observed.”

The program goes beyond basic measures to include 10-hour safety courses for contractors and 30-hour training sessions for BuildLACCD project managers. The safety program, BuildSAFE, is also available online.

Mr. Aschoff commented, “There is a broad spectrum when it comes to safety. Some contractors are very, very conscientious. Others are either not aware of certain precautionary measures or it has not been their previous practice to have strong safety programs. In those cases, it is our job to educate them and make them realize the importance of effective safety rules. We want to bring everybody up to the same level.”

Dansure utilizes BIM (Building Information Modeling) to analyze, visualize and coordinate proper access points, adequate crawl space and protection for workers that can be built into the design, which alleviates problems during construction and in future maintenance of the structure.

Dansure also initiated an owner-controlled insurance program and alternative dispute resolution system that allows contractors to eliminate the cost of insurance when making a bid resulting in broader coverage and greater savings for the District. Additionally, “We have avoided some of the typical red tape in the worker’s compensation system,” Mr. Aschoff said, “because we have a alternative dispute resolution system.” 

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