Constructability ReviewConstructibility (Re)defined

Technology has forever changed the game in the design and construction industry and continues to do so at an astonishing pace. Our team utilizes technology advancements and direct communication with our clients to deliver a collaborative, transparent and high-quality constructability review.

We’ve taken the traditional 2D review and catapulted it into a new technology and current way of delivering projects that has revolutionized constructability for today’s progressive projects. We’ve combined all facets of BIM into one deliverable that achieves exceptional results. Whether 2D drawings or a full BIM implementation is your need, our team delivers high quality reviews including 3D, 4D and 5D. Past projects range from small building modernizations and renovations to major cultural museums, educational and healthcare facilities.



2D review:  We perform a variety of services for 2D reviews- peer review, code review, accessibility, errors, omissions, design coordination, accessibility and LEED review. Our unique workflow, team prioritization and graphic display of comments result in an unmatched deliverable. In addition, Dansure provides graphic breakdown based on cost implications and discipline responsibility for our clients.



3D BIM Review:  We perform the same vigorous review as we do in 2D. However, we do it with the BIM files in their native software. Our BIM (Building Information Modeling) and VDC (Virtual Design and Construction) coordination services will ensure your project has the necessary and accurate information to be constructible in the field.



4D Review:  We check key schedule characteristics including logic, float, activity sequencing, appropriate level of detail, cost, risk and earned value. In addition, Dansure analyzes single or multiple projects and programs together and even compares changes over time. We provide multiple scenarios that achieve your stated goal so that your team can make informed decisions as to which scenario makes the most economic sense.


5D BIM incorporates the cost estimation ability into the BIM model in such a way that any change in the design is reflected in the budget immediately. In other words, the 5D model enables architects, contractors and engineers to work on a live model, which ensures that cost calculations are changed automatically whenever any change is brought to the structure and design of the project. Owners and decision makers of a construction company may use 5D BIM to their economic advantage.



We combine economic, environmental and societal/human perspectives and considerations to arrive at the most comprehensive and long-lasting sustainable outcome.  Dansure offers a complete range of sustainable design, energy conservation and owners’ representation services from inception to completion of your project.



Under the banner of XD, we incorporate our Insurance, Risk, and Safety services which truly envelope the life-cycle of any project or program.  Whether through our safety and/or risk teams, we will deliver significant return on your investment across your organization and throughout the lifecycle of your building project or program.




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